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These details will be used to contact you. Please make sure to update us if any of these details changes. Due to the safety and security of your child we may ignore any requests which is not from this email.

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Please take a moment to read and understand some of our important policies and key information below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask our staff. Please click here to find all of our policies.

  • Understanding the Fee-

    Our fees are calculated based on a total 42 yearly sessions. If you are paying monthly, your monthly fee is not equal to the sessions your child attends a month. It is only a monthly instalment of the yearly fees. Hence your monthly fees will be taken out during the holiday period as well.

  • Absent Policy –

    Please make sure to inform your branch via text message or email if your child is unable to attend any lessons. Any unauthorised absents for more than 2 weeks may result in automatic withdrawal.

  • Failed Payment –

    Please note, monthly fee payments are setup using the card details that are provided during the induction day. It is not a DirectDebit setup. Therefore if there are any changes to your card including your card being lost or stolen or if there are restriction for automated payment from your card provider, your payments will not go through.It is the responsibility of the card holder to ensure that the monthly fees are paid correctly and on time. Any failed payments will be subject to £6 administration charge which will be applied automatically. We strongly advise that you check your emails regularly as you will be sent automated emails for any unsuccessful payments.

  • Withdrawals –

    Withdrawal requests are only accepted after the completion of a full term from your enrolment date (13 weeks of classes). Should you wish to withdraw your child before completion of a term, you will be charged for the whole term (13 Weeks). Please note, in order to withdraw your child a written notice is required. Withdrawal notices are only accepted in writing, via the following email address, Withdrawal notices are required to be handed in by 12th of a month. Student’s last day therefore will be the last weekend of the month. Please note, withdrawal notices given after 12th of the month or will be processed the month after. Any withdrawal notices are given during Holiday period will be accepted on the first working day after the holiday. This is to offer your child a comforting and warm farewell.

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